Xiaomi Release Redmi 9T In Nigeria

Redmi 9T
Smartphone giant Xiaomi announced the release of Xiaomi 9T in Nigeria, which the firm called the new entry-level.

The smart phone offers an exceptional performance and a durable battery life which users can use with its efficient design and capabilities.

Mr Somoye Habeeb is the Marketing Director of Xiaomi in Nigeria. He said the smart phone is nice for taking photos with its rear-camera (48 MB Al). The smart phone has a wide-angle camera that lets in landscape shots and photos without cropping them. It has also a 2MP sensor and macro lens for taking shots and a standard boken. The smart phone has a feature for new movies that gives the photos a feel and look suitable for cinemas. There are features for time lapses. It comes with speed and durable features. It can capture without a professional camera or using DSLR.

Inspite of its lightweight the smart phone comes with a 6000 mAh battery and a 662 chipset Snapdragon. It has an energy processor 11nm that offers a higher performance and smaller consumption of power. You can use it throughout the day for some days. The device has a 22.50 in-box charger and a fast charging of 18W.

Other features include a minimalist design and an anti-finger print texture. It has a display made of Corning Gorilla Glass that gives a clear and crisp experience with protection from scratches and cracks. Its Blue Light certifications gives you a decent viewing experience with its colours of Ocean Green  Sunrise, Orange, Twilight Blue and Carbon Grey. The smart phone comes with a micro SD and dual SIM with storage of up to 512 GB, so that one can keep videos, photos, games and apps.
It is available for N76,700 for 4GB+128 GB and N71200 for 4GB+ 64GB.

Xiaomi aims to offer efficient devices with effective user experience. Xiaomi runs Alot platform that has up to 289.5 million devices connected to it. Their products are in more than ninety markets. 

Xiaomi was listed in Fortune Global 500 list, ranking the 7th internet company and the 422nd on the general list. The smartphone giant is part of Hang Seng.

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