Top 10 Reading Applications For Android

Certain reading applications can enable you read your ebooks online. These applications can help you to read your ebooks. You can edit the ebooks with some of these reading applications. Below are the top 10 reading applications for your android device.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle gives you many selection of newspapers, magazines and books, that made it among the popular reader applications you can use. It is not necessary to have a Kindle app to read books on Kindle. You can use this application on iOs and Android devices. Amazon powers this Kindle application letting you synchronize notes, highlights, bookmarks and read pages. It has a dictionary built-in that enables you search for new words when you are reading. The Kindle app gives you access to Wikipedia and Google search improving your reading performance.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader stands for an alternative to other famous eBook reader applications. It is the perfect e-book reader for books available in ePub and PDF formats. Aldiko Book Reader doesn’t actually save a book automatically, and hence it does not finish up memory. Nevertheless if you want the applications to save a reading session you will need to import a particular book that will put the book inside a virtual shelf. Aldiko offers many options that adjust the background settings, font face and font size suitable for the needs of the readers. Aldiko gives you a great extensive experience with various extensive features.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader gives a customisable palette and text formatting for any extra smooth and font size that gives you reading a pleasure. Cool Reader is the only reading application available that gives you a free text to speech. It gives you a daylight toggle that can render backlight levels, background and 2 sets of colours. Cool Reader offers information on chapter marks, percentage read and page count. It refers a wide range of fils formats like txt, rtf, HTML, fb2, ePub and more.


FBReader is an eBook reader that is highly customisable. It is something available for smartphones that operate on BlackBerry10, Windows, Max OS X, Linux and Android. You can select bookmarks, animations, size, font face and colours to match your reading style. It arranges your library by titles and authors offering you a simple view. It creates direct reading and several eBook formats from zip archives and has localisation in 29 languages. FB Reader has 8 online catalogs that offers access to many ebooks. It has integrations with various dictionaries like ColorDict, For a and SlovoEd.

Moron + Reader

Moon+Reader gives you a unique reading pleasure by offering fine control over display settings. The application has a status bar showing your reading progress. It gives information on the progress on your reading in the current chapter of the whole book. The application is available freely, though a pro version offers additional statistics like the reading hours, pages turned and shelf. Moon+Reader is a nice eBook app for an avid reader.


Barnes and Noble gives you a reader app of its own, hosting newspapers, kid’s books, magazines more 2 million books. Nook gives you several features that enables you to read in comfortable and simple. The application gives you a synchronization feature that synchronises automatically the last page you read across the devices, giving you a seamless reading experience. Brightness is adjustable for you to read in a dim light. This application is available on Windows, iTunes and Android.

Bluefire Reader

This application is available for your Windows, iOS and Android devices. This application offers you several features like contextual searching, note taking, dictionary lookup, highlighting and bookmarking. You can customise the reading and display settings to tackle reading requirements. Day/Night mode is available too that enables you to read in a low light. Bluefire gives a page synch feature that can read through devices without losing track of a current page. Bluefire gives you analytic services that offers you key metrics. It also gives you a downloading feature and in-app browsing that enables you enjoy your reading.

Mantano Reader Lite

This reader has a great feel and look. The user interface is simple and light to use. Various menus are displayed on the left and you will see the ebooks on the right. It is a much simpler process to find a book using the simple interface. A little status bar at your bottom right lets you manage the books. Another unique feature is the ability to synchronise a current reading to a Mantano Cloud. The application lets you sort the book using categories that you made. It is fairly simple to import files using a one-click import feature.


Wattpad is a simple eBook reader that has a user friendly interface. It is simple to get an eBook using this application, you may get the book through the key in the book code or the internal browser of the application. Wattpad lets you change the text colour and background to the preferences. The font size is adjustable so it becomes comfortable as you read. If you have low space, you can download the books in various parts. Wattpad is a simple reader application suitable for light readers.


Kobo is an application that offers a special feature known as Reading Life introducing you to a new category of social reading. You can discuss books, notes and quotes on your social media using integrated Facebook feature. You can use Kobo to read anywhere and anytime from more than 4 million titles. The large database of interesting title will keep the interests. You can use this application on Windows 8, BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS.

These are applications you can use to read ebooks on your android device. Most of these applications are available on your Google Play Store. You go there and download them right away. These applications will enable you read both offline and online.

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