Top 10 Loan Applications In Nigeria

Loan applications let you go for loans when you need them. These loan applications let you go for loans at a particular interest rate. Get it installed on your phone, open that application, add details and relevant documents. After you accept the loan, your account will get credited. Most of these loans don’t need a guarantor or a collateral. Majority of the loan applications function 24/7. These loans can function on both Windows and android phones.

What are the benefits of using loan applications?

  • always available on your device
  • Payment options are flexible
  • Requires no paperwork
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Loans with no collateral
  • Below are the top 10 loan applications in Nigeria


    KiaKia refers to a web application that offers loan to Nigerians. You can obtain loans like by answering some few questions. Kia Kia involves an alternative method for the loan. Access to chat and web app is involved, and you can chat with Mr Kia Kia. For you to get this loan, your Blackberry, Windows, iOS and Android phone can be used for it.


    Sokoloan is among the fast and new mobile applications in the country. You can apply for a loan with this app for 24 hours. What you have to do is to install and download the application. Accept its condition, sign up and create all needed information. Then go for the loan, if it gets approved, you obtain your loan. The loan tenor lasts from 91 days to 180 days. They operate a daily interest of 0.35%. Note that you can get this Sokoloan app from Google Play.


    Branch is among the major loan applications in the country. A loan of N200000 is available on your device without collateral or paper work. Download the application and create your account, then apply for the loan. Get your loan for a loan term of 4 to 64 weeks. Include an interest rate of 14% to 28%. The application gets displays on Bloomberg, Forbes and etc.


    You can use FairMoney for a loan of N150000 using few clicks. The application is secure, simple and fast. This application is among the most downloaded loans apps in PlayStore. What you have to do is to download the application and install on the device. Then you can go on to sign up using your phone number or Facebook account. With this you can answer some questions, after which you get some loan offer. Once you receive your offer, accept that offer, and your account get credited. The application is available on your Fair Money app. However the application is not in Blackberry, Windows and iOS.

    Carbon (Paylater)

    Carbon is among the major loan applications, you can use in Nigeria. A guarantor or collateral is not required. A loan of up to N1 million is available on this app. What you ought to do is to download the application on the phone. Use correct details to register and then go for the loan. It is a fast application and your loan is available within a few minutes. A flexible interest rate of 5% to 15% is charged depending on the repayment period and amount. Use your ATM to pay back later. You can use your iOS and android to download the carbon app.

    Aella credit

    Aella credit refers to a mobile loan app that can offer you a loan of up to N100000 without paperwork and collateral. It is very popular and has more security. You can install the application after downloading it to get to loan. After this get registered and fill up the application form, and you can get the loan without delay. The loan tenor is available between 30 to 60 days, with an interest rate varying from 4% to 29%. The application is available on Google Play Store. 

    Quick Check

    Quick Check is a well known mobile loan that can give a loan of up to N200000 without any charges hidden. You can access the loan, download and install the application. top 10 Loan Applications

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