Top 10 Browsers For Your Android

Certain browsers are best for browsing on android. You can download such browsers from Google Play. Below are the best browsers you can use on your android device.

Opera mini

Number of downloads: 500M+
Size: Varies across device
Originated from: Norway
Ratings: 4.3

This is another free browser you can use on your android. It is a browser suitable for smartphones with low android storage and RAM. In as much as it is a lighter version of Opera, it has common features like news feed, data saving, private mode, sync, night mode and built-in ad blocker. The browser has a built-in file sharing property and you can download it from Playstore.

Opera Browser

Number of downloads: 100 M+
Size: Varies with the device
Ratings: 4.6
Originated from: Norway

This is another fast and famous browser you can use on your android. The interface of the browser comes with a simple design and news feeds for disabling through settings. It has data which loads the page in a faster and saves internet data.

  • Opera in Android synchronises data
  • It has a night mode feature for adjusting options but enable you browse at night.
  • It has an unlimited and free use of VPN, so it is not necessary to install VPN applications in Play Store.
  • It has a Built-in Ad blocker that enables you to load the page faster. You can download it from Play Store.
  • Tor Browser

    Number of downloads: 10 M+
    Size: Varies across the device
    Originated from: USA
    Ratings: 4.4

    Tor Browser functions like Mozilla Firefox with similar performance and functions. It is among the best browsers on the list. It enables you isolate each of the website that you visit so ads and third-party trackers can’t follow it. All the cookies get cleared automatically when you finish browsing. It uses various servers for sending requests across various links hiding online identity as you visit websites reducing the page load time. It offers a safer browsing letting you install extensions on your Tor Browser from your Mozilla Ad on Store. You can download it from Play Store.

    Samsung Internet

    Number of downloads: 1 B+
    : Varies across the device
    Originated from: South Korea
    Ratings: 4.4

    Samsung Internet began as a pre-installed browser on tablets and phones, now available for the entire Android device. It is a browser that uses Chromium with features like QR codes canner, autoplay videos, dark mode, tab swipe and ad-blocker. The unique thing about the browser is the Dark Mode feature. It can change the interface of the browser to dark and turn the webpages dark. You can display tabs under the address bar like majority of the browsers on Desktop. Samsung Internet has a program, a Beta program, so if you can check out the features. You can download it from Play Store.

    DuckDuck Go Privacy Browser

    Number of downloads: 10M+
    Size: 13 MP
    Originated from: USA
    Ratings: 4.8

    With this browser you can protect the privacy of your searcher. It is a light browser that has a simple UI (User Interface). It functions with a rendering engine that does well like Chrome. It does not have advanced features, customisation, extensions and sync support. The browser comes with a feature that has clear data shortcuts and all tabs with a tap and has Dark or Light there. Its features is that it displays a Privacy Grade rating when you add website in your Address Bar. DuckDuck Go is the default search engine, and you can’t chat it. It keeps privacy.

    Microsoft Edge

    Number of downloads: 10 M+
    Size: Changes with the device
    Originated from: USA
    Ratings: 4.8

    Microsoft Edge is among the browsers that are most underrated. It started to get many users with various amazing features. It has a unique few features which you can’t see on the rest of browsers like Continue on PC, and using One Tap you can send webpages directly to the Windows 10 PC.

  • You can get daily new articles with the homepage.
  • It lets you select a female or male voice.
  • It reorganises the webpage’s content.
  • Brave browser

    Number of downloads: 10 M+
    Size: Changes with device
    Originated from
    : USA
    Ratings: 4.7

    Brave browser is among the most secure and free browser you can use. Its interface resembles Chrome browser. It has a clean and simple homepage. It comes with a tool simple to navigate. The homepage of the application is approaching. It displays many wallpapers when the tab is opened.

  • It has a video playback property that lets you play an audio from a video background even if it switchs of the device screen. Its among the most secure best browser and you can get it from Play Store.
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Number of downloads: 100 M+
    Size: Change with device
    : 4.2
    Originated from: USA

    This is among the most popular browsers, with an open-source and free Chromium browser formed by Google. Firefox is behind Chrome based on responsiveness and performance. It is more clean and modern than Chrome. You can access many things with the settings and address bar. Its extra advantage is that it opens extension from its add-ons store. Extensions like HTTPS Everywhere and Dark Reader are available. Firefox app is more clean and modern than Chrome browser. It is suitable for privacy and is a more secure browser. You can download Mozilla Firefox Beta and Mozilla Firefox from Play Store.

    Google Chrome

    Number of downloads: 5 B+
    Size: Changes with device
    : 4.1
    Originated from: USA

    Google Chrome is among the best browsers that most phones come with it as default. It has a features for switching tabs when you swipe right or left, enable dark mode and so on. It has a clean and simple design. Its sync between mobile works and Google Chrome desktop functions fine. You can save up to 60% data with the Lite mode and cut down spamming. This cuts the page size but does not function in Incognito code. Google Chrome and Google Beta are both available on Play Store.

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