Best Ecommerce Plugins To Use On WordPress

There are certain ecommerce plugins that are suitable for use on your WordPress website. These are the best Ecommerce plugins you can use on WordPress. The best WordPress plugins are below.


With this plugin, you can integrate with WordPress. This lets you apply a scalable platform when you use WordPress to run a website and manage content. You can embed your products to WordPress. It create relevant pages, account, cart, sign and other relevant pages.

Pros of Big Commerce

  • No charges for transactions: You are not charged per transaction, and you can select from various payment gateways and pay only the provider.
  • Sell through multiple channels: You can sell with it in other channels apart from your website, like Amazon, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Less maintenance: Requires less maintenance
  • Highly scalable: It has all the features you can need with scalability, high performance, and enterprise grade security.
  • Cons of Big Commerce

  • Annual sales threshold: they have an annual threshold for each plan. Once you get to the threshold, upgrade to another plan. This can increase cost as your business undergoes growth.
  • WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is among the most popular plugin for WordPress. It have many themes and addons available. Various hosting firms now make WooCommerce hosting solutions. 

    Pros of WooCommerce

  • Documentation and support: Efficient document is available, apart from that community forums, help desk and knowledge base is available.
  • Shipping and payment options: Support for payments gateways, add payments options with extensions, and calculate taxes and shipping.
  • Efficient inventory management: Manage inventions or assign tools to a store manager.
  • Sell external or affiliate products: Make affiliate or external products, and offer them a better experience.
  • Supports physical and digital goods: Sell digital downloads like software, music, ebooks and more.
  • iThemes and extensive: Choose from many themes and extensions, available to add to add new features.
  • Cons of Woo Commerce

  • Scability: You have scale to get a large store with provider like WP Engine.
  • Theme support: not compatible with all themes.
  • Finding addons: Addons may not be available.
  • Too many options: the options available in Woo Commerce can be too complex for a new user.
  • Member Press

    Member Press lets you sell a product or service based on subscription. You can integrate it with WooCommerce.

    Pros of Member Press

  • Powerful extensions: Integrate to LearnDash LMS or WooCommerce.
  • Content dripping: Release paid content in platforms like Amazon.
  • Built-in course builder. Buy and sell courses online with an online learning platform.
  • Powerful access rules: Use access rules for content restrictions and access levels.
  • Market subscribed products: You can sell pay per view, membership plans and subscription based products.
  • Cons of Member Press

  • Annual pricing: Pricing plans are available annually.
  • Limited payout option: supports, Stripe and PayPal.
  • Easy Digital Downloads

    You can market digital downloads online with this.

    Pros of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Awesome support:

    Efficient documentation and support for IRC chatroom, tutorials, videos and free support forum.

  • Themes: functions with any of the WordPress theme. 
  • Extensions: Many available extensions like marketing services and platforms, and addons for product gateways.
  • Simple to use: It is simple to use, figure out how to display  and add products.
  • Designed to market digital goods: offers better experience selling digital goods.
  • Cons of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Marketing External products: Install a third party addon on inside it, if you want to include an affiliate or external product on it.
  • Shopify 

    Shopify is another platform that you can use

    Proof of Shopify

  • Facebook store and Buyable Pins: Shopify does integrate.
  • Shipping and payment options: Shopify lets you accept credit card in person and online.
  • Efficient inventory management: Shopify has a bulk importer and inventory editor, that has an order tracker that enhances managing of inventory.
  • Supports for physical and digital goods: 
    Shopify handles the selling of digital or physical goods.
  • SuperEasy for Beginners: Shopify is simple to identify and use for beginners.
  • Monthly platform Fee: Shopify charges a fee monthly  as compared to buying individual and hosting addons.
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